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Nov 2011

Video: Ink on Shrinks: Writers on Therapy

Andrew Solomon, Patricia Marx and David Rakoff offer readings about therapy and their therapists, real and fictionalized.

Jul 2011

Video: Jed Foundation Tenth Annual Gala

Highlights from the Jed Foundation’s Tenth Annual Gala, held on June 2, 2011, in New York City

Jun 2011

Video: World Science Festival: The Origins of Orientation

Andrew Solomon is moderator of this World Science Festival symposium on sexual orientation, sexuality and gender, and the interaction of biology and culture in the development of sexuality.

Jan 2011

Video: Southampton Summer Writers Conference Interview

Manhattan MFA Program coordinator Magdalene Brandeis interviews Andrew Solomon at the Southampton Summer Writers Conference.

Oct 2010

Video: The Moth Radio Hour Live at the NYPL: OMG: Stories of the Sacred

An exploration of the common and uncommon threads through three different religions.

Oct 2010

Audio: The Moth Radio Hour: A Time of Hope

Andrew Solomon travels to Afghanistan in search of art.

Oct 2008

Video: The Moth Radio Hour: Notes on an Exorcism

When studying treatments for depression in rural Africa, Solomon has an overly intimate encounter with a ram.

May 2008

When Darkness Falls

Depression: Out of the Shadows is that rare thing — powerful television that can also work some good in the world.

Jul 2007

Earl Spencer Turns Althorp Pink

The Althorp estate hosted its first-ever civil partnership when a wealthy gay couple from the U.S. were married in a lavish ceremony.

Nov 2005

Audio: WGBH Morning Stories: Ndop!

Three times in his life, depression led author Andrew Solomon to the brink of suicide. In Senegal, a town full of strangers, two chickens, and a ram showed him the way back.