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Dec 2018

Andrew Solomon: ‘Estamos vivendo em tempos desesperados e instáveis’

Autor do premiado ‘O Demônio do Meio-Dia’, sobre depressão, doutor em Psicologia aborda suicídio de famosos em livro mais recente.

Nov 2017

Far From The Tree: A Documentary Review

These are stories fundamentally about how love enables families, when coupled with steadfast determination, to overcome their pain and the stigma they may feel; and it is about how individuals can come to accept themselves, to have a good life – a life with dignity.

Oct 2015

Video: HuffPost Live: Learning To Embrace Yourself Amid America’s Identity Freakout

Andrew Solomon and Meher Ahmad describe why it’s important to learn to embrace yourself and worry less about the labels others are assigning you.

Jul 2015

Video: Huffington Post Live: Chattanooga Shooting & Mental Illness

Huffington Post Live looks at the role of mental illness in radicalization and media coverage of domestic terrorism.

Apr 2014

Why You Need To Calm Down If Your Kid Got Rejected From An Ivy League School

A report on the New America Foundation panel, “How Are Contemporary Notions of Success Impacting the American Family?”

May 2013

Fountain House Symposium Honors Author Andrew Solomon

The event raised more than one million dollars to support Fountain House’s innovative mental health recovery programs.