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Booking Agent

For speaking engagements, Andrew Solomon is represented by The Tuesday Agency.

Mr. Trinity Ray
The Tuesday Agency
404 East College Street, Suite 408
Iowa City, Iowa 52240

Office: 319-338-7080


Highlights from the Audience

“Andrew moved mountains, he is phenomenal.” — TEDMED Conference

“Single handedly worth the price of admission to this conference…Even people watching Solomon in rooms on monitors instead of the main stage cheer him. What’s not to like about reaffirming humanity?” — TEDMED Conference

“Andrew Solomon received a standing ovation that persisted for quite a while. The audience was much taken with his talk, both in the style (engaging, with some humor, some pathos) and with the intellectual content, which was high. He was articulate, passionate and compassionate, eloquent and entertaining. One of long-time attendees said that of all the speakers we have brought to our campus in recent years, Andrew Solomon rated in the top three in terms of the content and presentation of what he said.” — Appalachian State University

“The consensus was that [Andrew Solomon] was probably the best speaker we’ve had over the course of the 2½ years we’ve been doing this.” — Simons Foundation

“Simply put [Andrew Solomon was] the best speaker we have ever hosted. He received a standing ovation, and people have been emailing me constantly since the event to exclaim over and over again that they were so moved by him.” — Family Action Network (FAN)

“I just wanted to let you know that Andrew was a huge success last night at UCLA. We had a full house – 500 seats. Everyone who spoke to me as they were leaving had nothing but praise. Andrew was both substantive and moving. I know he had a long day but was unfailingly gracious, even through the long line of book purchasers.” — University of California Los Angeles

“Thank you so much for coming to Los Angeles to speak… your presentation was brilliant, moving and touched the hearts of all of us who were privileged enough to be in the audience. I truly feel honored to have met you. You are a remarkable person doing remarkable work. The world needs more people like you.” — University of California Los Angeles

“What’s the word that means “more eloquent than eloquent?” Because that’s what Andrew was—from his opening words till his last. The mood in the room was electric; I know that each and every one of us was hanging on to his words—including those of us who have heard him talk before, and those for whom he was new. It was a magical combination of his message, his oratory style, and his personal warmth and graciousness. Thank you for every single thing you did to make him a part of our conference. He has set the bar very high for us… no idea how we will come close next year.” — American Montessori Society

“I can gladly report that Andrew Solomon won over the hearts of all who attended the Richard Gidney Seminar here on Thursday. The day went very well… even the book signing went well – which surprised all of the organizers as usually such book signing in the hospitals is not a “dynamic event.” — Anglican Diocese of Toronto

“It was a divine night. Andrew was graceful, warm and divinely inspired. His storytelling is like none I have ever seen, his comfort level and deep insights around difference and acceptance is unparalleled. So very grateful that we could host such a ‘giant’ of a man…” — The Academi of Life

“We cannot thank you enough for coming to speak at Goldman Sachs today. Your deeply thought provoking, insightful and emotional talk sparked a profound response in our audience – we have had incredible feedback so far from attendees… It was a both pleasure and a privilege to work with you here.” — Goldman Sachs

“All the events went outstandingly! Andrew was wonderful! What a warm, friendly person and his visit with the students, his public talk and his evening talk were all so moving. He was truly a delight and the members of our board who attended where happy and pleased to have their name attached to the event.” — University of Wyoming

“Andrew brought the house down. I still feel chills when I think back to Saturday afternoon. He was wonderful. Eloquent, poignant, intelligent, thought-provoking and deep. He made everyone cry. Then he made everyone laugh. It was an incredible end to a wonderful day! Thank you so very much for working with me on this for so long.” — Anderson Center for Autism

“Andrew was fabulous. Exceeded expectations.” — Vanier Institute of Family

“We had a great turnout, and enthusiastic crowd, a standing ovation, and lots of books signed and sold. Andrew is a gem and a sweetheart.” — University of Minnesota

“Thank you so much for your presentation yesterday, and for helping us with the opening of our new CATSS center. I heard many glowing comments today; it was a truly compelling talk.” — University of Minnesota

“The audience was riveted. Many are saying that it is the best lecture we’ve had in our history. What a wise and masterful story he tells. He was oh so kind, compassionate, and gracious. We all felt, not just honored, but somehow made better people for our interaction with Andrew. And to top it off he was fun and delightful to be with. Thanks so much for working with us to send him our way.” — Pittsburgh Arts & Lectures

“The event was fantastic. Andrew’s talk captivated the audience, and an animated Q&A followed. At the end of the event, Andrew was surrounded by guests who wanted to continue the conversation.” — FreeState Legal Foundation