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Articles by Andrew Solomon: Literature & Free Expression

Feb 2022

Claudia Rankine Tries to Answer the Impossible

To me, it’s self-evident that we are in a democratic crisis, that white supremacy is not only on the rise, but is also empowered.

Nov 2021

My Book Was Censored in China. Now It’s Blacklisted — in Texas

The Texas document constitutes a cynical electoral stratagem by a bigoted politician in a beleaguered state.

Dec 2020

We Are All Related

Thirteen contributors to Magazine share their wishes for 2021, from honest reckonings to immortality.

Nov 2019

In defense of Harold Bloom

He was the best teacher I ever knew: visionary, generous of spirit and willing to place his students’ strivings on the same level as his own insights.

Jul 2019

Points of Entry: Writers on the Border

There is no greater cruelty than to deprive a parent of his or her child.

Aug 2018

If You Could Add One Book to the High School Curriculum, What Would It Be?

“Obedience to Authority” relates how easily adults abdicate responsibility, and illuminates the horror that ensues when we placidly do as we are told.

Jul 2018

My Stories Become Someone Else’s: Adapting a Book to Film

Books require that people recount their emotions; documentaries require that people bare the same emotions in front of a film crew.

Dec 2017

I didn’t know then that I was gay, or that Elizabeth Bishop was

No other book has captured the need for displacement as Questions of Travel does.

Oct 2017

Essential Tips for Aspiring Writers

If you can give language to experiences previously starved for it, you can make the world a better place.

Feb 2017

Fear and Loathing in Trump’s America

The daily roller coaster of rights tenuously sustained or completely undermined is dizzying.