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Books by Andrew Solomon

New Family Values : On the Many Faces of "Family"

Drawing on dozens of intimate audio interviews with families from all across the country, Andrew Solomon redefines what it means to be an “ideal family” in America today.

Um Crime da Solidão : Reflexões sobre o suicídio

Uma seleção inédita de textos que discutem com sensibilidade e empatia os vários aspectos do suicídio e da depressão.

Far and Away : How Travel Can Change the World

A riveting collection of essays about places in dramatic transition.

Far from the Tree : Parents, Children and the Search for Identity

Andrew Solomon tells the stories of parents who not only learn to deal with their exceptional children but also find profound meaning in doing so.

The Noonday Demon : An Atlas of Depression

With a major new chapter on recently introduced and novel treatments, suicide and antidepressants, pregnancy and depression, and much more.

A Stone Boat

Part eulogy and part confession, A Stone Boat is a luminous and moving evocation of the love between a son and his mother.

The Irony Tower : Soviet Artists in a Time of Glasnost

Sotheby’s auction of avant-garde Soviet art, held in Moscow in 1988, introduced to the West a generation of painters and sculptors who for years had been unable to exhibit their works in public.