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Articles by Andrew Solomon: Miscellaneous

Jan 2022

How We Renovated a Storied Estate During Lockdown

As the Covid months wore on, the place took on the feeling that places have only when they are genuinely inhabited, the character no house has unless its owners can find ...

Jan 2021

Goodbye, Donald Trump. You changed America. You also changed me

I am angrier, more confused, more frightened and more cynical than four years ago – and whatever America was, it no longer is

Dec 2020

We Are All Related

Thirteen contributors to Magazine share their wishes for 2021, from honest reckonings to immortality.

Jun 2019

The First New York Pride March Was an Act of ‘Desperate Courage’

It wasn’t always feathers, floats and celebrities.

Jul 2018

The immigration crisis is about the devaluation of love

The separation of immigrant families from their children is not merely a disgusting failure of sympathy by the American government, but also a surefire way to break thousands ...

Oct 2017

Practical Advice About Bullying

For those who are being bullied, the key thing for them to remember is that bullying is not a show of strength but a show of weakness on the bully’s part.

Dec 2016

Secret prisons: a vulnerability masquerading as a defense

A radical talk about our commitment to decency and human rights.

Jun 2016

‘My First Gay Bar’: 25 Coming-of-Age Stories

Jane Lynch, Alexander Wang, Rosie O'Donnell and others reflect on what gay bars mean to them, in the aftermath of the shooting in Orlando.

Jun 2015

What’s the Best Sense?

Intelligent Life asked seven writers for their answer to this question. Here's Andrew Solomon's.

Mar 2015

Nothing Facilitates Rebellion Better Than a Good Story

There is an arc of experience in which free expression informs the lives of those who enjoy it, in which literature is presumed capable of ameliorating evil.