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Articles by Andrew Solomon: Interviews & Profiles

Feb 2022

Claudia Rankine Tries to Answer the Impossible

To me, it’s self-evident that we are in a democratic crisis, that white supremacy is not only on the rise, but is also empowered.

May 2020

Obituary for the Analyst

In the course of twenty-five years, Dr. F helped me find something to hold on to: not only an imaginable future but also a known past.

Sep 2015

Tea with Oliver Sacks

Sacks was not made uncomfortable by what unnerves most of us.

Mar 2014

The Reckoning

The father of the Sandy Hook killer searches for answers.

Jun 2013

Deeda Blair’s Elegance of Conviction

Whether she’s tackling the complexities of science or style, Deeda Blair approaches all facets of life with quiet but unwavering discipline.

Jul 2010

To an Aesthete Dying Young

The world with Terry was a world full of other people; the world without Terry is a world from which he alone seems to be missing.

Jul 2008

Cancer & Creativity: One Chef’s True Story

There is no more fundamental human power than the ability to find strength and meaning in adversity.

Nov 2007

Invitation to the Dance

An internship at the Costume Institute under the oracular Diana Vreeland introduced the author to the art of extravagant gestures.

Jun 2005

All the Road Rage

Review of "The God of Driving," by Amy Fine Collins, and profile of the author.

Jul 2003

The Amazing Life of Laura

Laura had made the rare discovery of a way to contain her illness, as though she and it were roommates in her body.