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Articles by Andrew Solomon: Appeared in

May 2023

The Covenant of Water: Abraham Verghese’s Sweeping New Fable of Family and Medicine

“The Covenant of Water” follows three generations of a close-knit and haunted family in southwestern India.

Mar 2022

How a Mystery Illness Cost One Writer a Decade of Health

“I thought I couldn’t remain in the box that was my body anymore — and yet I had to.”

Nov 2021

My Book Was Censored in China. Now It’s Blacklisted — in Texas

The Texas document constitutes a cynical electoral stratagem by a bigoted politician in a beleaguered state.

Jun 2021

Can Travel Be Fun Again?

For many people, after more than a year of the pandemic, travel feels like something to dread. But it can still mean liberation.

Apr 2021

Devoted to the Deaf, Did Alexander Graham Bell Do More Harm Than Good?

Immune to the beauty of sign language, Bell never saw deafness as anything more than a deficit.

Jul 2020

What Happens When You’re Disabled but Nobody Can Tell?

On the disabilities that ramps and reserved parking spots don’t address.

Apr 2020

When the Pandemic Leaves Us Alone, Anxious and Depressed

We are in a dual crisis of physical and mental health. But there are ways to head off breakdowns.

Oct 2019

How Moving to France and Having Children Led a Black American to Rethink Race

He epitomizes a conundrum, viewing himself as part of multiple societies to which he has incomplete claims.

Sep 2019

The Dignity of Disabled Lives

The burden of being perceived as different persists. The solution to this problem is community.

Jun 2019

The First New York Pride March Was an Act of ‘Desperate Courage’

It wasn’t always feathers, floats and celebrities.