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Reviews: All Books

Sep 2020

Review of: Published in: New Book Express

The Noonday Demon is now available in a Chinese translation from Everyone Books.

Dec 2019

Review of: Published in: Buzzfeed News

There was, for me at least, a before and an after, a world in which I hadn’t read it, and one in which I had. Its scope is like that of a Russian novel, but it is the rigorous way in which Solomon applies his scientific research to the human stories he tells that makes this book a masterpiece.

Nov 2019

Review of: Published in: Slate

"Far From the Tree" is mammoth, but its oceanic scope is essential to convey the infinite variety in humanity’s ability to cope with the differences among us.

Sep 2019

Review of: Published in: The Guardian

The book’s combination of honesty, scholarly rigour and poetry made it a benchmark in literary memoir and understanding of mental health.

Jan 2019

Review of: Published in: Focus

Eine Warnung gleich vorweg: Dieses ist kein Reisebuch, das einen zum Träumen in exotische Welten entführt.

Jan 2019

Review of: Published in: A Escotilha

Tal como em suas obras anteriores, Solomon mescla relatos pessoais com uma exaustiva abordagem jornalística, envolvendo uma pesquisa sólida e revelando, de forma assertiva, suas descobertas.

Dec 2018

Review of: Published in: Beijing News

Walking into these families' lives is a process of abandoning old anxieties, prejudices, and criticisms.

Dec 2018

Review of: Published in: O Globo

Por que uma pessoa tira a própria vida? Em 'Um crime da solidão', Andrew Solomon enfrenta a questão sem meias-palavras, analisando o tema em geral, celebridades e até o caso de um amigo próximo.

Jun 2018

Review of: Published in: Beijing News

When we habitually look forward to a happy family, we always tend to think that having children is a “continuation of life”, and the stories of these families are completely on the other side of the world.

Mar 2018

Review of: Published in: Adevarul

Teroarea nu vine din lucrurile pe care autorul ti le istoriseste despre lume, ci din adevarurile ingrozitoare pe care, cu aceasta ocazie, s-ar putea sa le afli despre propria ta tristete de amiaza.