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May 2024

Influencing from Within: A Moral Lesson

Zhao is a servant (groom) who looks after the state (horse). He does not take pleasure in doing so, but he recognizes the moral imperatives of his own competence, the obligation ...

Feb 2024

Pastoral Poetry

When Andrew Solomon and his husband decided to trade in city life for the charms of the American countryside, a down-at-heel house called Marienruh seemed the perfect blank ...

May 2023

The Covenant of Water: Abraham Verghese’s Sweeping New Fable of Family and Medicine

“The Covenant of Water” follows three generations of a close-knit and haunted family in southwestern India.

Jan 2023

Throuples aren’t immoral – and neither is my own ‘scandalous’ marriage

Why should we think it shocking for someone to love multiple others? We don’t restrict any other relationship to a binary.

Apr 2022

The Mystifying Rise of Child Suicide

Every suicide creates a vacuum. Those left behind fill it with stories that aspire to rationalize their ultimately unfathomable plight.

Mar 2022

How a Mystery Illness Cost One Writer a Decade of Health

“I thought I couldn’t remain in the box that was my body anymore — and yet I had to.”

Feb 2022

Claudia Rankine Tries to Answer the Impossible

To me, it’s self-evident that we are in a democratic crisis, that white supremacy is not only on the rise, but is also empowered.

Jan 2022

How We Renovated a Storied Estate During Lockdown

As the Covid months wore on, the place took on the feeling that places have only when they are genuinely inhabited, the character no house has unless its owners can find ...

Nov 2021

My Book Was Censored in China. Now It’s Blacklisted — in Texas

The Texas document constitutes a cynical electoral stratagem by a bigoted politician in a beleaguered state.

Jun 2021

Can Travel Be Fun Again?

For many people, after more than a year of the pandemic, travel feels like something to dread. But it can still mean liberation.