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Articles by Andrew Solomon: Appeared in

Mar 2021

Quarantine & Its Discontents

Quarantine has been a time of great intensity, immensely difficult but, at least for some of us, also intimate.

Apr 2020

Keeping Our Heads While Keeping Our Distance

My advice to everyone is to sustain human contact whether you feel like it or not.

Dec 2018

New Family Values

Allowing people more latitude in deciding what makes a family runs parallel to allowing them to determine what makes a person. It enables the blossoming of respect for all ...

Jul 2018

Far From the Tree Documentary Opens Nationwide July 20

The film of Far from the Tree is its own creation, capturing and extending the real message of the book. It’s intimate and humane and in some places funny.

Jan 2017

The New Resistance: Inauguration Day

Freedom is a verb. It is something you live and achieve, that you must relive and achieve again every day.

Mar 2016

Getting Near to Far & Away

Travel is a set of corrective lenses that helps focus the earth’s blurred reality.

Jul 2015

That Familiar Foe, Fifteen Years Later

Each of us grows and changes, and so our relationship to our own depression has likewise altered.

Mar 2015

Nothing Facilitates Rebellion Better Than a Good Story

There is an arc of experience in which free expression informs the lives of those who enjoy it, in which literature is presumed capable of ameliorating evil.

Jan 2015

Silence, Shouting & Slaughter

I wouldn't write if I didn't believe in the power of words for good, and if one accepts that capacity, one must also recognize their potential to inflict damage. Words break ...

Nov 2014

Assisted Suicide, Myanmar’s Moment and LGBTQ Rights

Committing both to effecting social change and to being fully honest entails entering a state of permanent internal conflict.