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Press: Interviews

Apr 2018

Trailer: “Far from the Tree” Opens In Theaters July 20, VOD July 27

“In a moment when the value of diversity is being questioned on a national stage, this is a film full of beautiful truths and enduring hope.”

Apr 2018

Talking Books Podcast: “Far and Away” with Andrew Solomon

Andrew talks to Talking Books host Susan Cahill about his book, Far and Away: Reporting from the Brink of Change.

Mar 2018

Andrew Solomon lança ensaios sobre viagens a fim de combater a intolerância

Creio que devemos nos abrir para o mundo, olhar o estrangeiro, receber quem vem de fora e ir ver como funcionam as outras sociedades. Se você não viaja, vira um ser provinciano.

Mar 2018

‘A intolerância é racista e egoísta’, diz Andrew Solomon, que lança livro sobre suas andanças pelo mundo

Você sempre poderá encontrar por aí algo um pouco diferente daquilo a que está acostumado. E sempre pode se permitir crescer graças a essa experiência.

Jan 2018

Q&A with Andrew Solomon: ‘I was turned down by 15 schools because they said I’d never read or write’

Writing was always the driving interest.

Jan 2018

‘Variatie maakt de wereld beter’

Of we nu doof, transgender, geniaal, gehandicapt of wat dan ook zijn, we herkennen ons vrijwel allemaal in het gevoel van ‘anders zijn’.

Nov 2017

Far From the Tree: A Triumphant Study of Identity, Difference, Love, and Family

While this is, on one level, a movie about disability and difference, it succeeds in being a more universally relatable film about family and an investigation into the very nature of family itself, in all of its diverse messy glory.

Nov 2017

Video: SalonTalks Interviews Andrew Solomon & “Far from the Tree” Director Rachel Dretzin

The new documentary, based on Andrew Solomon’s book of the same name, explores the depth of parents’ love as they raise children with conditions such as autism, Down syndrome and dwarfism.

Nov 2017

Travel Writer: Andrew Solomon

Be careful of whatever is easy; if it’s really easy, it’s probably not worth writing about.

Oct 2017

Travelling with an open mind

How can the rest of us to become more active travellers? “Be as undefended as possible — not against danger, but against your own fear of strangeness.”