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Press: Interviews

Oct 2019

Revista Marie Claire: Andrew Solomon on Depression, Inclusion, Intolerance, Censorship, Family, and Parenthood

The documentary… [is] a call to a real exercise of empathy and tolerance and to the transforming power of love, especially in parent-child relations.

Oct 2019

Video: Nexo: What I learned from Depression: Interview with Andrew Solomon

Nexo’s Antonio Mammi interviews American author Andrew Solomon on the relationship between depression and family.

Oct 2019

Longe da Árvore: Andrew Solomon on Parenting, Love, and Diversity

The message of the book and the movie is that differences that are stigmatized have their own beauty. If you are able to look at them the right way, you can find great meaning in the experiences of all these different ways of being different.

Sep 2019

Video: Andrew Solomon Discusses His Work at Itaú Cultural

Cris Bartis and Juliana Wallauer of Mamilos Podcast talk to Andrew Solomon about his research, and about the documentary “Far From the Tree,” now playing in Brazil.

Sep 2019

BBC News Brasil: Andrew Solomon on depression, difference, and the documentary Longe da Árvore

“The goal of the book, and I hope it works, is that people who do not know these lives and experiences can know, and read, and have more sympathy for them.”

Sep 2019

Folha de São Paulo: ‘Tenho menos esperança hoje do que antes’, diz escritor Andrew Solomon

“The kind of families I wrote about that are in the movie are the ones that destroy the cruelty of the world piece by piece, day by day.”

Sep 2019

Estadão: Documentário com Andrew Solomon traz pais e filhos em busca da identidade

“I think acceptance should always be the goal of love, but I don’t think they are the same at all.”

Sep 2019

Andrew Solomon: ‘A diversidade é uma atitude em relação ao mundo’

“Diversity is not a charity project, but an attitude towards the world.”

Aug 2019

Coming through the Darkness: Andrew Solomon’s Story

When you have that feeling of despair and feel that there’s no hope at all, that’s a symptom of a treatable illness. You should be relentless in pursuing treatments until you find those that can make you better.

Jun 2019

Audio: Kobo in Conversation with Andrew Solomon

Andrew Solomon talks with Rakuten Kobo CEO Michael Tamblyn about his books, his creative process, and the books that shaped and inspire him.