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Jan 2023

Video: Amanpour: America’s ‘center tends to shift towards justice’

Andrew Solomon speaks with Christiane Amanpour about identity, mental health, and social progress in America, and explains why he finds hope “simply in the lives that people are leading.”

Dec 2021

Video: Amanpour: ‘Freedom of speech is being annihilated,’ warns author

Andrew Solomon’s bestselling book about diverse families, Far From the Tree, has been targeted by a Texas state lawmaker. Solomon says the effort to blacklist and ban books shows “we are in the period of backlash”.

Apr 2017

Video: Amanpour: Gay Rights: Greatly expanded, ‘impossibly fragile’

As London celebrates queer art until 1967, when homosexual acts were decriminalized in the UK, writer Andrew Solomon says continued progress is “not guaranteed.”

Feb 2017

The Libyan refugee who made it into the US before the ban

When you never felt you belong to a place all your life. That is when you leave and try to find new home, new start. And a better, safe, equal life.

Oct 2016

Audio: Amanpour: Andrew Solomon on the Importance of Travel

Host Christiane Amanpour discusses British terror and the International Day of the Girl, and interviews Andrew Solomon on the importance of travel.

Jun 2016

Audio/Video: Fareed Zakaria GPS: Andrew Solomon on Travel

Travel is always both a window and a mirror. Part of what you do is to discover the other place, and part of what you do is to see yourself and your own country differently.

Oct 2015

Dem debate: What Katy Perry, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Lovato and others would ask

Jun 2015

Video: CNN: “Gender is who I am… sexuality is who I bounce it off of”

Andrew Solomon says the “rate of change” in views of transgender is “nothing short of astonishing.”

Mar 2014

Video: The Lead with Jake Tapper: Father of Newtown killer speaks out

Andrew Solomon discusses his interview with Peter Lanza with CNN correspondent Jake Tapper.

Dec 2013

Video: CNN: Do Shooters’ Parents Owe an Explanation?

“We all like to think we know our children, that we know their inner lives. But people keep secrets from their parents.”