Articles by Andrew Solomon:

Nov 2007

Invitation to the Dance

An internship at the Costume Institute under the oracular Diana Vreeland introduced the author to the art of extravagant gestures.

Feb 2007

Bush on the Couch

One reads in Bush’s face and in his speeches an inability to conceive of other people as fully human.

Oct 2005

Bus of Fools

Review of Saving Fish From Drowning,” by Amy Tan.

Oct 2004

The Loneliness of a Liberal US Jew

It is an exercise in humiliation, being taken as representative of positions that I abhor.

Oct 2004

The Closing of the American Book

Reading is not an active expression like writing, but it is not a passive experience either. It requires effort, concentration, attention. In exchange, it offers the stimulus ...

Oct 2003

Letter to the Editor re: Fernanda Eberstadt’s “The Furies”

Bawer’s… approach is comparable to devoting half a review of “Anna Karenina” to Tolstoy’s views on collecting wild mushrooms.

Feb 1997

The Jazz Martyr

Keith Jarrett is attracting a new audience, thanks to his classical recordings. But he still considers himself the conscience of jazz, and he doesn’t hesitate to tell ...

Oct 1996

The Peasants are Revolting …

Review of “A People’s Tragedy: the Russian Revolution 1891-1924,” by Orlando Figes.

Jun 1996

Russian Hearts are Strange

Review of “The Romanovs: The Final Chapter,” by Robert Massie, and “The Fall of the Romanovs,” by Mark Steinberg and Vladimir Khrustalev.

Oct 1995

Gore Vidal Receives a Visitor

Vidal of the memoir is, depressingly enough, as charming as a poodle skirt with a tennis sweater, as chic as old Balenciaga.