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Aug 2018

Washington Post: How Andrew Solomon’s memoir of coming out became a completely different story

Dretzin: It’s false that the film is uniquely about the acceptance of difference, without trying to fix it, or that it’s even about disability. I think ultimately the film deepens to become about the travails of love.

Aug 2018

Washington Post: This documentary about families will make you cry — for all the right reasons

Far from the Tree still offers inspiring glimpses of the breakthroughs that can happen when people hang in long enough to come to terms with life’s most sobering realities, be they anatomical or emotional. And it provides welcome ways to reframe notions of normality that are too often conflated with “average.”

Jun 2015

What gay couples get about relationships that straight couples often don’t

A new study finds that same-sex couples tend to communicate better, share chore duties more fairly and assign tasks based on personal preference.

Apr 2013

Andrew Solomon Wins Lukas Book Prize

The judges described Solomon’s book as “a tour de force of heart, head, shoe leather, and terrific writing, gives us a moving and deeply nuanced mural of the American family today.”

Nov 2012

Gratitude for Every Child

Journalist Janice D’Arcy quizzes Andrew Solomon on the inspiration for Far from the Tree, and the impact of writing the book on his personal convictions.