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Jun 2001

Review of: Published in: Boston Globe

Much of what Solomon relays is both heart-rending and fascinating; the book has a scope and passionate intelligence that give it intrigue as well as heft.

Jun 2001

Review of: Published in: O: The Oprah Magazine

With uncommon humanity, candor, wit, and erudition, award-winning author Andrew Solomon takes the reader on a journey of incomparable range and resonance...

May 2001

Review of: Published in: The Guardian

Solomon... is acutely aware of the contradictions at every turn of his tale, and the investigative reporter in him overrides the easier impulse to self-dramatisation.

May 2001

Review of: Published in: Observer

Depression is a country that the undepressed can't enter, but Solomon, who has travelled there and knows it well, bends all his energy and talent as a writer to sending us snapshots from this terrifying land.

Apr 2001

Review of: Published in: Library Journal

This compassionate work that never simplifies complex matters is essential for all collections.

May 1995

Review of: Published in: Independent

Solomon's story, of a young man loving his mother and losing her to cancer, sidesteps the cliches... Solomon's greatest triumph in this first novel is his sympathy.

Oct 1994

Review of: Published in: Publishers Weekly

The contrast between the idyllic existence money can buy and the inexorable ugliness of death is poignantly obvious. Harry's struggle to cope with his parent's impending death is observed with passion and conviction.

Oct 1994

Review of: Published in: Kirkus Reviews

Love and death make dramatic entrances in this elegiac first novel... An elegant and moving examination of a difficult subject.

Jan 1994

Review of: Published in: New York Times

Andrew Solomon's first novel, "A Stone Boat," is a shimmering remembrance of things past and a meditation on love and death.

Jul 1991

Review of: Published in: New York Times

A timely, perceptive and highly entertaining combination of art criticism, social analysis and personal revelation... It is Mr. Solomon's deep compassion for these artists... that grabs and holds the reader.