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Press: Interviews

Apr 2017

Video: Amanpour: Gay Rights: Greatly expanded, ‘impossibly fragile’

As London celebrates queer art until 1967, when homosexual acts were decriminalized in the UK, writer Andrew Solomon says continued progress is “not guaranteed.”

Apr 2017

Vier de verschillen tussen mensen

„Als er maar één manier van leven bestaat en die werkt niet meer, ben je er geweest.”

Apr 2017

Video: Going Underground: Should Minorities Fear Trump?

Host Afshin Rattansi and Andrew Solomon discuss immigration and the state of LGBT rights since the November presidential election.

Mar 2017

A proud citizen of anywhere: Andrew Solomon’s quest to celebrate difference

Solomon sees Far & Away as his contribution to the debate around globalisation and what it means to commit your loyalty to the world, rather than a single nation.

Feb 2017

Audio: The Brian Lehrer Show: Our Politics, Our Kids

A discussion on how to instill political values in your children that are important to you while still teaching them to think for themselves and form their own opinions.

Jan 2017

Audio: ABC Radio Australia: Silencing Dissent

Late Night Live host Phillip Adams interviews PEN President Andrew Solomon on President Donald Trump’s emerging campaign against free speech and the First Amendment.

Dec 2016

Audio: The Civilist with Steven Petrow: House of Blues

Continuing a conversation about depression and its causes, and about how the way we talk about mental illness affects the way people see and deal with it.

Dec 2016

La paternidad cuando el bebé no es el que esperabas

Pocas cosas tan gratificantes como los hijos sanos y queridos, y pocas situaciones tan difíciles como el nacimiento de un bebé que no los padres no esperaban.

Dec 2016

Q&A: Is Your Child A Prodigy?

Between talent and achievement there lies a gulf called education. Without a good and proper education, great talent is useless.

Nov 2016

Audio: Grow Big Always: The Magic of Accepting “Unlovable” People

Host Sam Lawrence talks with Andrew Solomon about his books, “Far & Away: Reporting from the Brink of Change,” and “Far from the Tree: Parents, Children, and the Search for Identity.”