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May 2018

Video: Andrew Solomon at UAB: 2018 Ireland Visiting Scholar Lecture

In this lecture, Andrew distinguishes between love and acceptance, illustrated by the lives of families with exceptional children who are very different from their parents.

Apr 2018

Trailer: “Far from the Tree” Opens In Theaters July 20, VOD July 27

“In a moment when the value of diversity is being questioned on a national stage, this is a film full of beautiful truths and enduring hope.”

Apr 2018

Audio: When Your Child Isn’t the Child You Expected

Andrew Solomon talks to WBHM host Gigi Douban about his book, Far from the Tree: Parents, Children, and the Search for Identity, and about depression and strategies for coping with it.

Apr 2018

Andrew Solomon Receives 2018 Ireland Distinguished Visiting Scholar Award

The award is given to an intellectual outside of the UAB academic community whose work is groundbreaking and transformational in the arts and sciences.

Apr 2018

Video: ‘A Dangerous Son’ Chronicles Children With Mental Illness

Andrew Solomon is featured in Liz Garbus’s documentary, “A Dangerous Son,” which follows three children with mental illness and their families’ struggles to secure help for them.

Apr 2018

“Far from the Tree” to be featured in Cleveland RTA Red Line Art Project

“Far from the Tree” has been chosen from the ranks of Anisfield-Wolf Book Award winners to inspire the transformation of Cleveland’s Red Line rapid transit cars into a rolling museum of contemporary art.

Apr 2018

Talking Books Podcast: “Far and Away” with Andrew Solomon

Andrew talks to Talking Books host Susan Cahill about his book, Far and Away: Reporting from the Brink of Change.

Mar 2018

Audio: On Being: The Soul in Depression

The voices of this hour span rare, brave, and helpful perspectives on depression and life.

Mar 2018

Andrew Solomon lança ensaios sobre viagens a fim de combater a intolerância

Creio que devemos nos abrir para o mundo, olhar o estrangeiro, receber quem vem de fora e ir ver como funcionam as outras sociedades. Se você não viaja, vira um ser provinciano.

Mar 2018

‘A intolerância é racista e egoísta’, diz Andrew Solomon, que lança livro sobre suas andanças pelo mundo

Você sempre poderá encontrar por aí algo um pouco diferente daquilo a que está acostumado. E sempre pode se permitir crescer graças a essa experiência.