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Mar 2020

The PEN Pod: Mental Health & the Outbreak

Andrew Solomon and Stephen Fee discuss the national debate over the risks of social isolation and its consequences for mental health.

Mar 2020

Andrew Solomon Interview: “Gays are just like any other human being”

Homosexuality has undergone a significant change in the way it is socially regarded… Writer Andrew Solomon emphasizes that the change was preceded by decades of activism.

Feb 2020

Video: A Discussion on Depression

Andrew Solomon talks about depression in kids and families and when to get help.

Jan 2020

Far from the Tree Newly Translated into Estonian

Publisher Varrak has announced the publication of Käbid ja kännud, Andrew Solomon’s award-winning Far from the Tree, translated into Estonian.

Jan 2020

Audio: Radio Diaries Podcast: My So-Called Lungs

The most recent episode of Radio Diaries Podcast features entries from audio diaries kept by memoirist Laura Rothenberg about her life with cystic fibrosis.

Jan 2020

Audio: Healing Our Ghosts: ReWrite Your Narrative to Survive and Thrive

Andrew shares his insight on the process of creating meaning, on the tension between acceptance and curing, and the ultimate power of compassion.

Nov 2019

Audio: So-Called Normal: Andrew Solomon Conversation with Mark Henick

Andrew Solomon discusses his experiences of depression, coming out to his family, and the making of the book and documentary “Far from the Tree,” with mental health advocate Mark Henick.

Oct 2019

Video: Childhood and Selfhood: Irene Butter in Conversation with Andrew Solomon

“Enemies are people whose story you haven’t heard,” says Dr. Irene Hasenberg Butter, a survivor of two concentration camps who has dedicated her life to Holocaust education.

Oct 2019

Revista Marie Claire: Andrew Solomon on Depression, Inclusion, Intolerance, Censorship, Family, and Parenthood

The documentary… [is] a call to a real exercise of empathy and tolerance and to the transforming power of love, especially in parent-child relations.

Oct 2019

Video: Nexo: What I learned from Depression: Interview with Andrew Solomon

Nexo’s Antonio Mammi interviews American author Andrew Solomon on the relationship between depression and family.