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Jul 2017

Audio: We Crossed a Bridge and It Trembled: Voices from Syria

Andrew Solomon reads a passage from We Crossed a Bridge and It Trembled: Voices from Syria, by Wendy Pearlman (Custom House, 2016).

Jun 2017

Video: Meet the Experts: Who Gets to Be Gifted in America and Why?

A discussion of gifted education alongside issues of race, gender, class and sexual identity, especially in relation to concepts of the IQ and new thinking about intelligence.

Jun 2017

Video: Objects of Memory

For the Objects of Memory project, ERRATICA asked individuals to present an object that contains particular significance for them and to share some of the reminiscences that the object evokes.

Jun 2017

Andrew Solomon: ‘Niemand is immuun voor depressie’

We houden van succesverhalen, maar de draken die we daarvoor moeten verslaan, willen we liever niet onder ogen zien. Het zijn echter juist de tegenslagen die onze identiteit en onze leiderschapskwaliteiten bepalen. Wat geeft ware kracht?

Jun 2017

Audio: ABC Radio Australia: Homotopia

Earshot’s Homotopia takes a closer look at queer culture, nearly five decades after the birth of gay liberation and the Stonewall riots.

Jun 2017

Andrew Solomon: “Mães violadas sofreram mais do que as outras”

Andrew Solomon tem novo livro em Portugal. Desta vez aborda a problemática dos filhos que são diferentes: surdas, anãs, autistas, homossexuais, esquizofrénicas ou criminosas, entre outras situações.

Jun 2017

Video: Going Sane: The Poisonous History of Parent Blame

An excerpt from the new documentary, Going Sane, on the state of mental health care in America

May 2017

Video: Mirror Weekly Profiles Andrew Solomon

Andrew said that he felt the greatest love between him and his mother, and was eager to once again feel that love with a child of his own. He never imagined that he would one day marry and give birth to a lovely son.

May 2017

Video: In Support of Same-Sex Marriage in Taiwan

Andrew Solomon offers words of encouragement to activists seeking legalization of same-sex marriage in Taiwan.

May 2017

Video: TEDxExeter: How Open Borders Make Us Safe

In this presentation from TEDxExeter 2017, Andrew Solomon argues that discovering other countries is the best way of finding ourselves, while ignorance of other cultures gives rise to fear, suspicion and war.