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Aug 2019

Coming through the Darkness: Andrew Solomon’s Story

When you have that feeling of despair and feel that there’s no hope at all, that’s a symptom of a treatable illness. You should be relentless in pursuing treatments until you find those that can make you better.

Aug 2019

Audio: Everything Happens with Kate Bowler: The Stories of Who We Are

Jul 2019

‘Like air, I’ll rise’: Ilhan Omar and others on words to conquer hate

Jun 2019

Audio: Kobo in Conversation with Andrew Solomon

Andrew Solomon talks with Rakuten Kobo CEO Michael Tamblyn about his books, his creative process, and the books that shaped and inspire him.

Jun 2019

Audio: goop Podcast: The Difference Between Love and Acceptance

Andrew Solomon and Elise Loehnen Fissmer talk about the difference between love and acceptance, expanding the definition of family, and the ways our lives can be enriched by the diversity of the world.

May 2019

The challenging documentary every parent should watch

“How do we decide what to cure and what to celebrate?” Solomon wonders. By allowing subjects to narrate and show us their own lives, he and the filmmakers place that power where it belongs.

May 2019

Andrew Solomon on Intellectuals, Dandies, and Life under Trump

The election of Trump signaled that one can attack people who are different, without consequences. Gays, blacks, women, immigrants: everyone is more vulnerable.

May 2019

Andrew Solomon Interviewed on How Travel Can Change the World

Travel, Solomon writes, makes us humble and allows us to not only see differences in others without fear, but to also appreciate those differences.

Mar 2019

Humbling proof a parent’s love really can overcome all

The little acorn is supposed to fall near the tree — and when it doesn’t, everything seems turned upside down. Adjusting to this state of affairs is not easy.

Mar 2019

How Poet Emma Lazarus Inspired Laurie Anderson

Anderson remembered back to when she was as a child: “I’m pretty sure we read the poem in our elementary room, maybe even with a hand over our hearts.” The idea of a shore where immigrants arrived stuck with her, and it resonates with her even more in 2019.