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Articles by Andrew Solomon: Miscellaneous

May 2007

In Praise of Women

It seems like a cheat to hook up with your own sex, and make friends only with your own sex, too. It is walking away from half the world.

Feb 2007

Bush on the Couch

One reads in Bush’s face and in his speeches an inability to conceive of other people as fully human.

Oct 2005

Prudent Fitness: A Panegyric

Dièry acted from the start as though I were dormant where I had thought I was dead.

Oct 2004

The Loneliness of a Liberal US Jew

It is an exercise in humiliation, being taken as representative of positions that I abhor.

Apr 2004


What is the purpose of men’s clothing of style, be that style extravagant or controlled?

Jan 1999

The Conversation

Authors Andrew Solomon and Abraham Verghese discuss intimate trust, earned and unearned, in friendship, family, love and sex.

Apr 1992

Downtown’s Newest Drug

Nothing I have encountered before begins to approach the emotional, intellectual and physical exhibitionism of this production.

Dec 1990

Dancers Unite

The Kremlin Palace is not a company set on overwhelming us with flashy work; its directors are setting out painstakingly from scratch.

Sep 1987

The Democrattic System

Andrew Solomon ponders the success of a Savile Row attic containing three businesses, six entrepreneurs, one graphic designer and one receptionist.

Aug 1987

East Side Storey

On the mysterious, often aggravating ways of the New York City co-op board.