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Articles by Andrew Solomon: Depression & Suicide

Mar 2009

The Lure of a Birthright

For anyone who has been depressed, Plath's description rings astonishingly true.

Nov 2008

Ontology of a Suicide

For Woolf, all experience is permanently suffused with relentless vitality and blunt tragedy.

Jan 2008

Depression, Too, is a Thing With Feathers

The depressed person often recognizes that it is ludicrous to feel so disabled by the ordinary business of quotidian life.

Nov 2007

Notes on Accepting Care

I considered myself a caretaking person, but I had no idea what solicitude really entailed until I had been its object.

Nov 2006

Our Great Depression

To treat the most complicated organ in the body appropriately demands considerable expertise.

Oct 2005

The Blue and the Gray

Review of "Lincoln’s Melancholy," by Joshua Wolf Shenk.

Sep 2004

Letter to the Editor Re: MIT Admissions Policy and Students with Depression

'Emotional resilience' is a quality that some people have on their own and some people achieve.

Sep 2004

The Pursuit of Happiness

There are proven medical benefits to being optimistic. But if you're not naturally happy, can you will yourself to have a better attitude?

Mar 2004

A Bitter Pill

In trying to prevent suicide, we may actually abet it.

Nov 2003

To Die

One second you are on the board, looking at the water, and the next second you have left the board behind you and taken the plunge.