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Articles by Andrew Solomon: Book Reviews & Commentary

Jul 1999

His Life Was a Forgery

The painter Arshile Gorky was a mystery wrapped in an enigma.

Oct 1996

The Peasants are Revolting …

Review of "A People's Tragedy: the Russian Revolution 1891-1924," by Orlando Figes.

Jun 1996

Russian Hearts are Strange

Review of "The Romanovs: The Final Chapter," by Robert Massie, and "The Fall of the Romanovs," by Mark Steinberg and Vladimir Khrustalev.

May 1996

Out of the Factory, Into the Fire

Review of "Sex Death Enlightenment: A True Story," by Mark Matousek.

Mar 1996

Brett Again

Review of "Being Brett: Chronicle of a Daughter's Death," by Douglas Hobbie.

Nov 1995

Heroic Hoarders

Review of "The Ransom of Russian Art," by John McPhee, and "George Costakis: A Russian Life in Art," by Peter Roberts.

Oct 1995

The Spoils of War

Review of "Beautiful Loot," by Konstantin Akinsha and Grigorii Kozlov with Sylvia Hochfield.

Jul 1995

Sensationalism Sells

Review of "Mapplethorpe: A Biography," by Patricia Morrisroe.

Sep 1994

Isn’t the Truth Always a Mosaic?

Review of "Goldberg's Angel: An Adventure in the Antiquities Trade," by Dan Hofstadter.

Aug 1994

Squadrons of the Anonymous

Review of "Magdalena Abakanowicz," by Barbara Rose.