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Jan 2021

Goodbye, Donald Trump. You changed America. You also changed me

I am angrier, more confused, more frightened and more cynical than four years ago – and whatever America was, it no longer is

Dec 2020

We Are All Related

Thirteen contributors to Magazine share their wishes for 2021, from honest reckonings to immortality.

Oct 2020

The Globe in a Handscroll

Shen's handscroll is intended to be savored over many days, like a leisurely sojourn in the mountains. Looking at it is like reading a long-form poem or a meditative work ...

Jul 2020

What Happens When You’re Disabled but Nobody Can Tell?

On the disabilities that ramps and reserved parking spots don’t address.

May 2020

Obituary for the Analyst

In the course of twenty-five years, Dr. F helped me find something to hold on to: not only an imaginable future but also a known past.

Apr 2020

Keeping Our Heads While Keeping Our Distance

My advice to everyone is to sustain human contact whether you feel like it or not.

Apr 2020

For those of us with depression, coronavirus is a double crisis

I am in the sizeable part of the population who must seek to distinguish between ordinary fear and the beginnings of a breakdown.

Apr 2020

When the Pandemic Leaves Us Alone, Anxious and Depressed

We are in a dual crisis of physical and mental health. But there are ways to head off breakdowns.

Feb 2020


Feelings of acute nostalgia for a time to which you would dread to return.

Nov 2019

In defense of Harold Bloom

He was the best teacher I ever knew: visionary, generous of spirit and willing to place his students’ strivings on the same level as his own insights.