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Articles by Andrew Solomon: International Reporting

Jul 1993

Young Russia’s Defiant Decadence

Some sex, more drugs and an insatiable lust for money in the brave new post-communal world.

Jan 1992

Russia Rediscovered

Where Lenin used to lie, there is now a space occupied half by the czar (long may he live) and half by the Profit Motive.

Nov 1991

Soviet Art Assumes Place in World Market

The market is beginning to limit itself to the bounds of reason, and it is slowly becoming less speculative.

Sep 1991

Three Days in August

The artists found out long ago that the way to combat a government that presents lies as if they were the truth is to tell the truth as if it were a joke.

Jul 1991

Serving the Revolution

The Revolution established both a new moral system and a new standard of tableware in one fell swoop.

Jul 1991

Mission to Moscow

An account of Sotheby's 1988 sale of contemporary Soviet art, adapted from "The Irony Tower: Soviet Artists in a Time of Glasnost."

Jun 1991

Soviet Real Life

Private ownership inspires a decorative revolution at home.

Mar 1991

Moscow Encore

A nobleman’s palace and theater set the stage for czarist entertainments.

Dec 1990

Dancers Unite

The Kremlin Palace is not a company set on overwhelming us with flashy work; its directors are setting out painstakingly from scratch.

Feb 1990

Paper Tsars

Andrew Solomon travelled to Moscow and met the Paper Architects.