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Articles by Andrew Solomon: Appeared in

Mar 2013

Adopted Heritage

It was the house that made my English life permanent; I could open its shiny front door and return to Narnia.

Apr 2002

Flight of Fancy

Architect Ettore Sottsass designs a house and aviary around client Ernest Mourmans's obsessions with exotic stone, wood and birds.

Jan 1993

Grand Room for a Family

A discerning couple uses warm colors and a lively mix of styles to make prewar proportions seem intimate.

Oct 1992

Fine Tuning Tradition

Exquisite dissonance is an essential part of the harmony in decorator Geneviève Faure’s East Side maisonette.

Jul 1992

Two Sides of the Story

The houses of decorating partners demonstrate their belief that individuality is a matter of detail.

May 1992

Florida Fun House

Billy Diamond and Tony Baratta paint resort life in primary colors.

Apr 1992

Patterns of Family Life

The textures and colors of everyday comfort mix in cheerful profusion at the London house of Sir Peter and Lady Osborne.

Mar 1992

Hadley Pure and Simple

For his New York apartment, one of Parish-Hadley’s guiding lights distills the essence of a lifetime of looking.

Nov 1991

The Art of Friendship

Heiner Bastian surrounds himself with work by artists he knows.

Jul 1991

Serving the Revolution

The Revolution established both a new moral system and a new standard of tableware in one fell swoop.