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Articles by Andrew Solomon: Appeared in

Jun 1991

Soviet Real Life

Private ownership inspires a decorative revolution at home.

Mar 1991

Moscow Encore

A nobleman’s palace and theater set the stage for czarist entertainments.

Jan 1991

Fashioning a Style

Costume curator Katell le Bourhis is a connoisseur of chic, past and present.

Nov 1990

Showing His Colors

The bold designs of Patrick Frey break the greige barrier of conventional French taste.

Oct 1990

Gotham Romance

In her grand Fifth Avenue apartment, decorator Hethea Nye indulges her taste for luxury.

Sep 1990

Remaking History

The effect of these rooms is human and intimate even when they seem to ooze history from their vast surfaces.

Sep 1990

Decorators’ Private Domains

When the only client they have to accommodate is themselves, decorators give free rein to personal taste.

Aug 1990

The Light of Derby

He is equally fascinated by the technical detail of the scientific event taking place and by the confused, distracted, and astonished responses of the audience.

May 1990

Sensuous Modernism

The house seems to be full of the echoes of personages from every realm.

Apr 1990

Escape to the Campagna

Here is what might happen if history itself were to bathe in the fountain of youth...