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Apr 2021

Audio: New York Times Book Review Podcast: The Invention of Miracles

Andrew Solomon joins New York Times Book Review Podcast host Pamela Paul to discuss Katie Booth’s new biography of Alexander Graham Bell, The Invention of Miracles.

Apr 2021

Audio: Andrew Solomon Featured in New York Times Book Review Podcast Anniversary Selection

“Part of what’s compelling about these books is that the enormous beauty that’s in them constitutes a form of hope. So on the one hand, that people die, and on the other hand, that people live so richly in that instant before they die.”

Oct 2020

Reimagining Community in Rapidly Changing Times

“I think this has been an occasion for people to withdraw from hectic lives, and to focus quite tightly on the people whom they are closest to, including, in many instances, family.”

Jul 2018

A Little Bit Grand, but Warm and Welcoming

The double-height library is Mr. Solomon’s favorite room. “It really speaks to who I am,” he said. “Books are sort of my life.”

Jun 2016

Audio: New York Times Book Review Podcast: “Far & Away”

Andrew Solomon discusses his new book, “Far & Away”; Noah Hawley talks about “Before the Fall”; Marjorie Ingall opines on the season’s new YA novels, and Parul Sehgal and Gregory Cowles on what people are reading.

Feb 2016

Audio: New York Times Book Review Podcast: Love & Death

In this week’s New York Times Book Review Podcast, Andrew Solomon discusses five new books about death and dying.

May 2015

Video: New York Times Magazine on Vine: The Secret Sadness of Pregnancy with Depression

Story by Andrew Solomon. Photograph by Carla van de Puttelaar.

May 2015

Audio: New York Times Book Review Podcast: On the Move

On this week’s podcast, Andrew Solomon talks about Oliver Sacks’s new memoir, “On the Move.”

May 2015

After Protests, Charlie Hebdo Members Receive Standing Ovation at PEN Gala

“The defense of people murdered for their exercise of free speech is at the heart of what PEN stands for. So is the unfettered expression of opposing viewpoints.”

Feb 2015

Reading the Paper with Andrew Solomon

I often move away from a frustrating paragraph I’m trying to write to the luxury of what someone else has written.