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Reimagining Community in Rapidly Changing Times

by Dodai Stewart

From Here is a collection of visually immersive stories that offer a closer look at some of the people who are reimagining community in rapidly changing times — including mountaineers, gamers, poets and farmers.

There’s no single way to transform yourself and how you relate to others. But to get started, we spoke with three insightful thinkers, gathering ideas in an attempt to explore where we might go next.

…During a time of profound changes and unpredictability, deeply moving opportunities have surfaced, according to Andrew Solomon, a clinical psychologist and author. “I think this has been an occasion for people to withdraw from hectic lives, and to focus quite tightly on the people whom they are closest to, including, in many instances, family,” he said.

“My son is now 11,” he added. “I feel like we’ve had a kind of intensity of contact over these last seven months that is very different from anything that we would have had under other circumstances. He, I think, may have had enough of that. I rather feel that we’ve drawn much closer together in some fundamental ways, as I have with my husband.”

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