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Oct 2016

Video: Andrew Solomon & Stephen Grosz, Jewish Book Week 2016

Andrew Solomon talks about travel and experience with psychoanalyst Stephen Grosz, author of The Examined Life.

Feb 2015

Video/Audio: Andrew Solomon at 5×15, London

Andrew Solomon extemporizes on identity and family at 5×15, The Tabernacle, London.

Feb 2015

Video: Andrew Solomon at Jewish Book Week 2015

Andrew Solomon talks about family and his book “Far from the Tree” with Rabbi Julia Neuberger at Jewish Book Week 2015 in London.

Sep 2014

Video: Andrew Solomon at House of Speakeasy

Andrew Solomon speaks at the House of Speakeasy Literary Cabaret on the theme “Inside the Lie.”

Oct 2013

Video: Andrew Solomon at Los Angeles Public Library

Andrew Solomon discusses “Far from the Tree” with Los Angeles Times staff writer Tom Curwen.

May 2013

Video: Andrew Solomon Speaks at Social Innovation Summit 2013

Andrew Solomon speaks at the 2013 Social Innovation Summit at the United Nations.