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Getting to the Bottom of Depression with Andrew Solomon

Most of all: surround yourself as much as you can with people who understand what you are enduring and will help you through it — be they family, doctors, or friends.

After Great Pain

Since we're stuck with September 11, we should try to learn from it.

Blues Clues

This compassionate work that never simplifies complex matters is essential for all collections.

A Cure for Poverty

What if you could help end people's economic problems by treating their depression?

The Longest Night

People travel from all over West Africa to take part in the mystic ndeup ceremonies practised by the Lebu people of Senegal. I decide to undergo the ritual.

Casting Out the Demons

Solomon interweaves a personal narrative with scientific, philosophical, historical, political and cultural insights... The result is an elegantly written, meticulously researched book that is empathetic and enlightening, scholarly and useful.

The Bookseller: Editor’s Choice: ‘Far & Away’

His writing is never less than deeply perceptive writing, and wonderfully humane.

The Noonday Demon: An Atlas of Depression

The Noonday Demon... is permeated with the victim’s relentless honesty, curiosity, and passion to understand his own fall and to share the fruits of his scholarly journey.

The Cartography of Melancholia

As well written as it is, The Noonday Demon is not an easy read and not for the faint of heart...

Adopted Heritage

It was the house that made my English life permanent; I could open its shiny front door and return to Narnia.