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Articles by Andrew Solomon: Marriage & Family

Jan 2014

Under Pressure

Review of ‘All Joy and No Fun,’ by Jennifer Senior.

Jun 2013

Falling in Love with Marriage

This fresh social justice is infusing the very air, and I am breathing it as though it were a new oxygen.

Apr 2013

One Mother Lost Both Her Children in Boston

The spectacle of Tamerlan and Dzhokhar is in many ways odious, but the spectacle of their mother is heartbreaking.

Apr 2013

Medical Progress, Social Progress, and Legal Regression

Choice strengthens families no matter what choice they make.

Dec 2012

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Polite curiosity about one's children is nothing new. But when you're gay parents, you must prepare to be interrogated.

Oct 2012

How Do You Raise a Prodigy?

Prodigiousness looks from a distance like silver, but it comes with banks of clouds; genius can be as bewildering and hazardous as a disability.

Aug 2012

The Legitimate Children of Rape

Rape is a permanent damage; it leaves not scars, but open wounds.

May 2012

A Birthday and Two Weddings

If we countenance one form of bias, we have no platform from which to fight any other.

Feb 2011

Meet My Real Modern Family

I do not accept competitive models of love, only additive ones.

Jan 2009

More Perfect Unions

To many gays, marriage is the last frontier of discrimination. But Obama's election is a reassuring sign that we, too, shall overcome someday soon.