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Articles by Andrew Solomon: Food, Travel & Design

Jul 1999

The Open Spaces of Mongolia

Into Asia's enchanting frontier.

Mar 1999

Balancing Act

The designer John Bartlett has made his name by combining the familiar with the unexpected. Andrew Solomon looks at the man behind the label.

Jan 1999

Hot Night in Havana

At a New Year's Eve party in Cuba, mojitos flow, inhibitions drop and everyone eats like there's no tomorrow.

Dec 1998

The Telephone Christmas

Or how a New Yorker in London spent 40 hours on the phone (and $420 on candied yams) to make his first holiday dinner.

May 1998

Fork in the Road

A writer who's eaten his way from Amsterdam to Zimbabwe considers the pleasures and perils of dining abroad.

Feb 1998

Eco-Safari in Zambia

Beautiful, friendly, and virtually untouristed--this is the next safari destination.

Jul 1997

Sailing to Byzantium

A painting course brings together an intimate group on the sun-drenched waters of Turkey's Mediterranean coast.

Feb 1996

Postcard from Taipei

Andrew Solomon reports on his adventures at the banquet table.

Jan 1996

Munich Hits Its Stride

Central Europe's most exquisite city is German in name, Italian in appearance, and Bohemian in spirit.

Dec 1994

Carolina in the Morning

World's End rises solidly out of the Blue Ridge Mountain mists.