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Articles by Andrew Solomon: Food, Travel & Design

Apr 2016

How Traveling to 83 Countries Made Me Who I Am

Travel is an exercise partly in broadening yourself and partly in defining your own limits

Nov 2014

Myanmar’s Moment

Myanmar boasts a fierce, proud, and kind population who will go to almost any lengths to make you feel welcome.

Mar 2013

Adopted Heritage

It was the house that made my English life permanent; I could open its shiny front door and return to Narnia.

Oct 2011

Revitalizing Rio de Janeiro

Antonio Carlos Jobim once explained, “New York is great, but it’s a mess; Rio is a mess, but it’s great.”

Jan 2010

A Trip Through Peru

Everywhere we found water hyacinths in bloom; Monet’s lily pond had nothing on these streams.

Nov 2008

Adventures in Antarctica

The tropics may be fire, but the world ends in ice.

Jan 2008

Madagascar: A Safari Tour

The bizarre flora and fauna seem to be the result of a mad collaboration among Dr. Seuss, Jim Henson, and God.

Oct 2005

A Culinary Tour of China

In the past five years, Chinese cooking has risen phoenixlike from the ashes, and divine food is now to be found in the country's unnumbered restaurants.

Jul 2005

I Came, I Saw, I Haggled

When I walk through the memory palace in which I live, my past seems to be with me.

Sep 2003

A Silver Ball

All that glitters is not gold. Some of it is silver.