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Articles by Andrew Solomon: Appeared in

Oct 2001

Analyze This, Pronto

Review of “Out of Its Mind: Psychiatry in Crisis,” by J. Allan Hobson and Jonathan A. Leonard

Jun 2001

He Knew What He Liked

Review of "Roland Penrose: The Friendly Surrealist," by Antony Penrose.

May 2001

A Cure for Poverty

What if you could help end people's economic problems by treating their depression?

Apr 2001

The Pavilionaire

One room huts or luxury retreats? The designer Jeffrey Cayle thinks they're a bit of both.

Oct 2000

Images That Speak a Language of Art

If we cannot separate the dancer from the dance, we cannot here separate what is said from how it is said.

Oct 1999

An Epidemic of Death

Review of “Night Falls Fast: Understanding Suicide,” by Kay Redfield Jamison.

Jul 1999

His Life Was a Forgery

The painter Arshile Gorky was a mystery wrapped in an enigma.

Mar 1999

Balancing Act

The designer John Bartlett has made his name by combining the familiar with the unexpected. Andrew Solomon looks at the man behind the label.

Sep 1998

Inanimate Selves, Alternate Realities

Puppet artists are fully aware of the complexity of their medium: as Mr. Paska has said, they are "out on a limb between the angel and the machine."

Aug 1998

As Asia Regroups, Art Has a New Urgency

In the first North Asian Biennial, work from China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan raises issues of national identity and tradition.