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May 2016

Video: WSJ Lunch Break: ‘Far & Away’ Author on Hope, Global Chaos

Andrew Solomon joins Tanya Rivero to discuss his new book, “Far & Away: Reporting from the Brink of Change,” a collection of essays about places in transition.

Apr 2016

Andrew Solomon Rushes In

A well-traveled author tries to embrace his fears to find stories of resilience under tough circumstances.

Apr 2015

Video: WSJ Interviews Andrew Solomon on Charlie Hebdo Award

PEN president Andrew Solomon discusses the controversy surrounding the PEN Award honoring Charlie Hebdo.

Nov 2014

Video: WSJ Live: Andrew Solomon on Strengths in Difference

Andrew Solomon joins Lunch Break host Tanya Rivero to discuss how differences within families can be a source of strength.

May 2008

When Darkness Falls

Depression: Out of the Shadows is that rare thing — powerful television that can also work some good in the world.