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Jul 2018

Video: ABC News: “Far From the Tree” takes a deep look at challenges families face

“Every family has occasionally looked at a kid and said, ‘What planet did you come from?’ So it’s really a film about how do you love someone who isn’t what you imagined ahead of time?”

Jun 2015

Video: Good Morning America: Depression Could Overshadow the Bliss of Being with Child

ABC’s JuJu Chang interviews Andrew Solomon on depression during pregnancy, which affects up to 20% of women.

Jul 2014

Video: ABC 20/20 News: Parents Sympathize with Father of Santa Barbara Shooter

Viewers and professionals discuss the dilemma faced by parents of disturbed youth who, with little warning, erupt into extreme violence.

Jun 2014

Video: This Week with George Stephanopolous: Mass Shootings and Mental Health

George Stephanopolous, Andrew Solomon, and ABC News’ Dr. Richard Besser analyze the role of mental health in mass shootings.

Jun 2014

Video: “Elliot Rodger, Adam Lanza Had a Great Deal in Common”

Andrew Solomon comments on similarities between the perpetrators of the killings in Isla Vista and Newtown, Connecticut.