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Video: Andrew Solomon Supports Odyssey

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Odyssey is a major public artwork by the artist Marc Quinn, and a global touring exhibition that will be shown around the world, bringing attention to the refugee crisis and raising funds as it travels.

A multi-layered project, Odyssey consists of a collaborative sculpture made by Marc Quinn and more than 5,000 people, half of whom are refugees, and the other half non-refugees. It is a sculpture of equality and solidarity. Odyssey will be a monument to our common humanity, emphasizing how there is more that unites us than divides us.

The sculpture consists of two substantial, identical cubes of frozen human blood, one made from donations by 2,500 resettled refugee volunteers and the other made from donations by 2,500 non-refugee volunteers. The two anonymous cubes will be displayed in bespoke refrigeration units and housed in a pavilion.

Each individual blood donor is given the opportunity to tell their story, share their experiences and explain how they want to help. In public spaces, using screens and outdoor media, each hosting city will be virtually populated by films of Odyssey donors telling their stories.

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In partnership with The New York Public Library, Odyssey will launch in Fall 2019 on the plaza in front of the iconic institution’s Stephen A. Schwarzman Building on Fifth Avenue.

Half of the funds Odyssey raises will go to the International Rescue Committee, one of the world’s largest refugee-focused NGOs,. The remaining 50 percent will go to other refugee organizations selected by Quinn’s charity, Human Love.

For more information, and to view videos by other project participants, please visit the Odyssey website.