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Video: The Versus Debate on the Family

This debate, the second in a year-long series from Intelligence Squared and Google+, took place on 29th January 2013. A panel of world experts tackled the motion, “The traditional nuclear family has had its day: gay parents, single parents, communes – anything goes!.”

Manisha Tank – British television news presenter for CNN

Speakers For the Motion:
Charlie Condou – Writer and actor, best known for his role in the TV series Coronation Street

Philippa Perry – Psychotherapist, writer and author of the graphic novel, Couch Fiction: A Graphic Tale of Psychotherapy

Speakers Against the Motion:
Anne Atkins – Broadcaster, journalist and novelist. She is a regular contributor to Thought for the Day on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme

Glenn Stanton (via Google+ Hangouts)- Director for Family Formation Studies at Focus on the Family

Expert Panel via Google+ Hangouts:
Dr. Stephanie Coontz – Co-Chair and Director of Research and Public Education of the Council on Contemporary Families

Andrew Solomon – Writer and Author of Far From the Tree: Parents, Children, and the Search for Identity