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How different is ‘Far From The Tree’ to its book? Director Rachel Dretzin talks us through it

Rachel Dretzin. Photo © Meredith Zinner Photography.

Rachel Dretzin. Photo © Meredith Zinner Photography.

By Gregory Wakeman

… After reading Solomon’s Far from the Tree: Parents, Children, and the Search for Identity, documentarian Rachel Dretzin immediately saw the cinematic potential in the book. …

“[I]t is so striking just how emotional the stories are, how cinematic they are, just how much of a narrative arc they have. They are stories of diversity and triumph. … the struggle and the resolution is something that all filmmakers look for. …”

“I felt strongly that we needed families that were going through something that was happening in front of the camera. So for the most part, the stories and the families from the book did not fit that description. … Jason Kingsley, who has Down’s syndrome. He and his mother are in the book. … Otherwise it is all new … The book has dozens and dozens of stories, but the film could only really handle a handful, otherwise the audience gets overwhelmed.”

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