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“Far From the Tree” features Kentlands family

Jack and Bob Allnutt, in Rachel Dretzin's documentary, "Far from the Tree," based on Andrew Solomon's book.

By Nora Fitzpatrick

Opening Friday at the Bethesda Row Cinema, Far From the Tree explores the challenges and rewards of raising a child who is different, a child who has Down syndrome, dwarfism or autism. The Allnutts, a Kentlands family, are featured in the new documentary.

… At an autism conference four years ago, the Allnutt family was approached by producers and asked if they would be interested in participating in a documentary. … Video crews spent three or four days in the Allnutt home every few months for two years. While it was an exhausting experience, the family was committed to the film’s message.

… Throughout the segment of the movie that features the Allnutt family, it’s amazing to witness Jack’s growth, his confidence, and the pride his family has in his accomplishments. They worked as a team to find a way to let Jack be the best Jack he could be, in a way that worked for him and not how society expects or demands.

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