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Audio: Radiotopia: The Great God of Depression

In 1998, Massachusetts General Hospital neurologist Alice Flaherty developed a rare mental illness, in which she felt compelled to write constantly and everywhere. Alice’s search for understanding led her William Styron, celebrated author of The Confessions of Nat Turner, Lie Down in Darkness, and Darkness Visible.

The new Radiotopia series The Great God of Depression features extensive footage of Styron discussing his illness, and interviews with Flaherty, Rose and Alexandra Styron, author Andrew Solomon, and Styron biographer Jim West. The series is produced by Pagan Kennedy, a contributing writer for the New York Times, and New England Public Radio senior reporter Karen Brown. Julie Shapiro is the executive producer. Music and sound design are by Ian Coss.

Chapter One: The Night Kingdom

Chapter Two: The Angel of Death

Chapter Three: The Stolen Brain

Chapter Four: The White Whale

Chapter Five: The Shining World