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Articles by Andrew Solomon: Auctions & Exhibitions

Jul 1989

Auction Stations

The beauty of what is useful may be art's oldest discipline.

Jun 1989

Landing on Mayfair

The Grosvenor House Antiques Fair is on, and beautiful objects made in the reign of William and Mary are there to be swooned over.

May 1989

Shelling Out for Fabergé

All work is born of the triple inspiration of commercial self-interest, visual problem-solving, and communicable ideas.

Mar 1989

The Deb’s Fig-Leaf

The purity of a pure stone is something unknown in the fine arts; there is no such thing as a pure and perfect watercolour.

Dec 1988

The Elton John Collection

Review of the four volume catalogue of Sotheby's 1988 auction of Elton John's memorabilia.

Dec 1988

Splitting Headaches

Two of the world's great antique shows have become riddled with dissent. Andrew Solomon tells tales of rivalry and rift in Paris and New York.

Nov 1988

Exhibitions: Francis Bacon

What kind of joy is expressed in his work, which is sometimes poignant but so often agonized?

Nov 1988

Frozen in Time

The human face is, to humans, the most fascinating sight on earth.

Oct 1988

The Paramount Lot

The sale of art by many important contemporary painters at an auction to which they have donated their works is the newest phenomenon of all.

Jun 1988


Your stressed mahogany and Perspex dressing-table may seem less special if it is a 10,000-off instead of a one-off, but it can still be a collector's item.