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The Artists of South Africa: Separate, and Equal

Black art needs no white sympathy, but the reception it meets from whites is often patronizing or exploitative.

Hung, Drawn & Corporate

Andrew Solomon meets the people who advise corporations what to buy.

Their Irony, Humor (and Art) Can Save China

Meet the willful, playful young artists who may be China's most subversive dissidents.

“Don’t Mess With Our Cultural Patrimony!”

A tale of politically loaded Chinese treasures, angry young Taiwanese, nervous corporate sponsors, and a sudden punch in the face.

Folk-Art Racing

The difficulty of assigning value to works of folk art is enormous, because the rigorous articulation of the locus of value is only beginning.

Mission to Moscow

An account of Sotheby's 1988 sale of contemporary Soviet art, adapted from "The Irony Tower: Soviet Artists in a Time of Glasnost."

The Winter Palettes

The Moscow artistic community had no room for the passive observer; it was made up of people whose commitment was enormous.

On Each Palette, a Choice of Political Colors

On Taiwan, style is ideology. Traditional suggests unification with Beijing; conceptual, independence; oils, the ruling centrists.

Dot Dot Dot

A profile of the artist Yayoi Kusama.

This Blinkered Isle

On the xenophobia of the British art establishment.