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Hung, Drawn & Corporate

Andrew Solomon meets the people who advise corporations what to buy.

Folk-Art Racing

The difficulty of assigning value to works of folk art is enormous, because the rigorous articulation of the locus of value is only beginning.

Mission to Moscow

An account of Sotheby's 1988 sale of contemporary Soviet art, adapted from "The Irony Tower: Soviet Artists in a Time of Glasnost."

The Winter Palettes

The Moscow artistic community had no room for the passive observer; it was made up of people whose commitment was enormous.

This Blinkered Isle

On the xenophobia of the British art establishment.

Cache Barriers

The expenditure of vast quantities of money requires privacy or it becomes vulgar...

William in Exile

Both the melancholy and the exuberance of William Kentridge's work hinge on the impossibility of resolving most human problems.

The Art of Friendship

Heiner Bastian surrounds himself with work by artists he knows.

Soviet Art Assumes Place in World Market

The market is beginning to limit itself to the bounds of reason, and it is slowly becoming less speculative.

The Globe in a Handscroll

Shen's handscroll is intended to be savored over many days, like a leisurely sojourn in the mountains. Looking at it is like reading a long-form poem or a meditative work of fiction. Like a novel, it evinces s cogent monumentality yet is also sequential, meant to unfold slowly as life does.