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Far from the Tree: Year-End Kudos from the U.K. Press

The Evening Standard
“Challenging and intelligent, it should be required reading for anyone hoping to have a baby.” — Rosamund Urwin

The Observer
“Andrew Solomon’s Far From The Tree travels deep into the terra incognita of parental love… A bible of empathy and inclusion.” — Tim Adams

The Observer
“Andrew Solomon”s Far From The Tree is a prodigious, illuminating book about the challenge of being a parent – especially when children are out of the ordinary.” — Kate Kellaway

The Spectator
“Lots of books are good, but very few are really important. Far From The Tree by Andrew Solomon is both good — excellent, in fact — and important… Compassionate, never glib this is a work of deep scholarship and profound humanity. The acceptance and love these parents show is extremely moving, and instructive for any reader.” — Cressida Connnolly

The Sunday Times
“An exquisitely written study of parental love.” — James McConnachie

The Herald Scotland
“Life-affirming, thought provoking and highly readable, the book was compiled over 10 years of interviews and I found it deeply moving” — Kerry Hudson

The Mail on Sunday
“He finds challenges can bring consolations, with closeness forged in friendship.”

The Guardian
“A particularly fine performance.” — John Dugdale

“Solomon writes about the challenges of families who have been marked out as different by disability, illness, circumstances or desire.” — Patricia Nicol