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Partners, Parents, Love

by Kristin Friberg

…In Solomon’s Far from the Tree, parents are faced with the darkest of places as they find themselves “custodians of children beyond their comprehension.” The subtitle indicates that it is a chronicle of “parents, children, and the search for identity,” although after finishing this enormous product of ten years of research, I’d argue that this book is the story of “revolutionary love against the odds.” To me, this defines any form of love, because love requires vulnerability, humanity, generosity, resilience, and grace.

Far from the Tree… should be read by anyone who is a parent, has a parent, or is considering parenthood… Reading about the triumphs, tragedies, heartbreaks, and perseverance of parents, is an illuminating, sometimes tear-inducing journey. But, what it mostly is, is compassionate. Each chapter serves as a rich, realistic canvas, forming the pieces of what, in the end, make up a portrait of love: hard-fought, hard-won, exhausting, brutal, beautiful love.

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