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Mar 2018

Review of: Published in: Estadão

Viajar reduz uma pessoa a sua essência descontextualizada. Você nunca se vê com tanta clareza como quando está imerso num lugar completamente estranho.

Dec 2017

Review of: Published in: The Atlantic

By taking on such an ambitious project, compiled over a decade or more, Solomon is able to show the commonalities among these extraordinary lives—and just how common extraordinary lives are.

Oct 2017

Review of: Published in: Mid-Atlantic Sports Network

This is far more than notes of a traveler. This was a search for what makes the world what it is.

Aug 2017

Review of: Published in: U.S. News & World Report

Because of his own experience and his facility with words and analogy, Andrew Solomon is able to articulate how those experiences feel in such a way that they are understandable to those who have not suffered through the experiences themselves.

Aug 2017

Review of: Published in: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Adult readers who may have been daunted by the size of the original book should welcome this more compact version.

Jun 2017

Review of: Published in: APT321

When you find out that you have a baby with Down Syndrome, documentation is essential. The chapter in this volume can be a good source for you to begin to understand and love diversity.

Apr 2017

Review of: Published in: The International Educator

The stories and insights are compelling, and the internal shifts prompted by reading this book make it a must-read, not just for every special educator but for all people that work with children and families.

Mar 2017

Review of: Published in: A Escotilha

É uma mensagem bastante simples e óbvia, mas também profunda, e nos confronta às opiniões e às ideias pré-concebidas que carregamos sem nos darmos conta.

Dec 2016

Review of: Published in: New Statesman

Keep it by your side, dip in and out, and you will be richly rewarded over and again.

Dec 2016

Review of: Published in: Markant

'Mijn boek gaat over gezinnen die hun kinderen accepteren en over de invloed die dat heeft op de zelfacceptatie van die kinderen', schrijft Solomon.