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Press: Lectures & Talks

Apr 2016

Audio: The Moth Podcast: The Met, Mrs. Vreeland, and Me

An awkward teenager flourishes in the glamour of the the Metropolitan Opera.

Mar 2016

Audio: A Conversation with Marion Coutts

Andrew Solomon chats with fellow Wellcome Book Prize winner Marion Coutts.

Mar 2016

Audio: On Medical Problems and Social Solutions

Andrew Solomon’s keynote address at the conference, Treat the Patient, Heal the Person: Embracing Spiritual and Cultural Diversity in Contemporary Health Practices.

Nov 2015

Audio: TED Radio Hour: Headspace

In which TED speakers challenge assumptions about emotion, disquiet and the essence of well-being.

Oct 2015

Video: SEIU 1199 Social Justice Conference Keynote Address

SEIU District 1199, one of the country’s first racially integrated unions, has historically supported LGBT marriage equality, and social justice for people with disabilities.

Oct 2015

Video: New Yorker Festival: Parents, Children, and Love Against the Odds

Andrew Solomon speaks about his time spent with Susan and Tom Klebold, the parents of the Columbine High School killer Dylan Klebold.

Sep 2015

Video: Diversity, Difference, Disability and Families

Andrew Solomon’s keynote address at the Families in Canada Conference 2015, sponsored by the Vanier Institute of the Family.

Aug 2015

Video: Kent Presents 2015

Andrew Solomon speaks at Kent Presents 2015, a three-day festival of new ideas held annually in Kent, Connecticut.

Jul 2015

Audio: The Moth Radio Hour: Camp, Cars, Cockroaches, and the Kremlin

In which Andrew Solomon goes to Russia to visit artists and ends up with a front row seat to Russian democracy.

Jun 2015

Video: Hastings Center Symposium: Legally Ending Gender

Andrew Solomon discusses a proposal that gender-based distinctions be dropped from the legal system.