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Press: Lectures & Talks

Nov 2018

Video: Erikson Institute 2018 Shaping Identity Luncheon

Andrew Solomon discusses the nature of love between parents and children, and the need for a more humane society that accepts extraordinary individuals and families.

Aug 2018

Video: 2018 Nantucket Book Festival: Andrew Solomon on Illness and Identity

Co-sponsored by Fairwinds — Nantucket’s Counseling Center.

Aug 2018

Audio: 5×15: Facing Down the Noonday Demon

Andrew Solomon describes the experience of facing down depression. Recorded at 5×15, The Tabernacle, London, February 29, 2016.

May 2018

Video: Andrew Solomon at UAB: 2018 Ireland Visiting Scholar Lecture

In this lecture, Andrew distinguishes between love and acceptance, illustrated by the lives of families with exceptional children who are very different from their parents.

Oct 2017

Video: Elyn Saks & Andrew Solomon Talk About Mental Health

Author Elyn Saks and Andrew Solomon speak about mental health and their award-winning books.

Oct 2017

Video: Art as Activism: An Evening with Ai Weiwei

Literature is a place where we can construct new realities together, but unless the literature available to us is representative, those new realities threaten to reconstruct the prejudice and discrimination of the world we live in. — Ai Weiwei

Sep 2017

Video: Miami Book Fair: Depression & Anxiety, Examined

At the 2016 Miami Book Fair, Andrew Solomon discusses depression and anxiety with Scott Stossel, author of “My Age of Anxiety: Fear, Hope, Dread, and the Search for Peace of Mind.”

Jul 2017

Video: Sun Valley Writers’ Conference: Travel is Imperative in Perilous Times

Andrew Solomon’s address at the 2017 Sun Valley Writers’ Conference.

For a report on the event, please visit Eye on Sun Valley.

May 2017

Video: TEDxExeter: How Open Borders Make Us Safe

In this presentation from TEDxExeter 2017, Andrew Solomon argues that discovering other countries is the best way of finding ourselves, while ignorance of other cultures gives rise to fear, suspicion and war.

May 2017

Video: How Travel Can Change the World

Andrew Solomon speaks at a World Affairs Council of Philadelphia Young Friends Event, May 15, 2017.