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Press: Interviews

Nov 2012

Salon Interviews Andrew Solomon about Far From the Tree

It’s impossible to read “Far From The Tree” without testing the limits of your own empathy. Forget what Jesus would do. What would you do?

Nov 2012

Gratitude for Every Child

Journalist Janice D’Arcy quizzes Andrew Solomon on the inspiration for Far from the Tree, and the impact of writing the book on his personal convictions.

Nov 2012

Book Explores Space Between Disability, Identity

AP correspondent Leanne Italie interviews Andrew Solomon about Far from the Tree.

Nov 2012

Andrew Solomon: Illness or Identity

Matthew Tiffany interviews Andrew Solomon about his decade of work on Far from the Tree, and his next writing project.

Nov 2012

Audio: What Happens When Kids Fall ‘Far from the Tree’

Andrew Solomon joins NPR’s Robert Siegel to discuss how differences can sometimes serve to unite families, rather than isolate them.

Nov 2012

Ambassador to the Interior

Solomon discusses Far from the Tree and the influence of his subjects on his own journey to fatherhood.

Oct 2012

A Horizontal Identity

The author of The Noonday Demon, a landmark work on depression, returns with an even more profound inquiry: What does it mean to be born different?

Oct 2012

Extraordinary Children: PW Talks with Andrew Solomon

Andrew Solomon’s new book is a behemoth worth every one of its 976 pages.

May 2012

Video: The Brain Series 2: Depression

Charlie Rose interviews author Andrew Solomon, and neuroscientists Eric Kandel, Peter Whybrow, Frederick Goodwin and Helen Mayberg.

Jul 2011

Video: Jed Foundation Tenth Annual Gala

Highlights from the Jed Foundation’s Tenth Annual Gala, held on June 2, 2011, in New York City