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Press: Interviews

Apr 2021

Audio: 18Forty Podcast: Andrew Solomon on Intergenerational Divergence

Andrew Solomon talks about intergenerational divergence, as well as his book, Far from the Tree, which inspired the topic

Apr 2021

Audio: RadioWest: Polygamy, Polyamory & The Changing American Family

Andrew Solomon talks to KUER’s Doug Fabrizio about what it might mean to widen the definition of family.

Mar 2021

“Most of the people who get out of depression are the ones who know they are loved”

“When will we feel comfortable touching others again? I think it will take time, it will be a very slow process to feel safe again.”

Dec 2020

“We will never regain the sense of invincibility we had before the virus”: Estadao Interviews Andrew Solomon

“No one will escape this pandemic unscathed — not even those who managed to get anything good out of this isolation period, who reviewed their priorities, who did not catch the virus, who did not lose anyone, who did not lose their jobs. This trauma must be worked through individually and collectively, and it may take a generation for us to feel safe again.”

Oct 2020

Video: Boxed In: The Pandemic’s Psychological Impact on Children

Author Andrew Solomon and school counselor Amanda Jo Bustamante discuss the psychological effects — fear, anxiety and social isolation — of the COVID-19 pandemic on children.

Sep 2020

Are We Moving Towards a Better Society or Regressing?

“Privileged Americans have achieved greater acceptance for a range of identities, from deafness to autism to transgender, but there’s a large underclass. And the idea that somehow justice will trickle down is naive.”

Sep 2020

The Noonday Demon: “I want to let people who suffer from depression know that they are not alone”

“We can endure such terrible pain and trauma, yet we are still willing to help others generously.”

Sep 2020

Audio: The Noonday Demon: Talkspace Interview with Andrew Solomon

Andrew Solomon joins Derrick Hull, Talkspace’s VP of Clinical Research and Development, for a discussion of scientific research on depression and how it fits into the broader systemic way in which we approach mental illness.

Jul 2020

How COVID-19 Is Affecting Your Mental Health

I think a lot of people are feeling terrible isolation in the sense that whatever they’re struggling with is unacknowledged.

Jul 2020

MoMA Podcast: The Case for Artistic Genius

Andrew Solomon and Alex Halberstadt discuss whether creative genius is partly a function of timing, its uneasy relationship to race and gender, and Solomon’s contention that “genius reflects the ability to add something of value to human consciousness.”