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Dretzin and Solomon on “Far From the Tree”

Sundance Selects and Participant Media present Far from the Tree: A Film by Rachel Dretzin. Opening in theaters and VOD July 20, 2018.

On this edition of THE INTERVUE, a new documentary brings to life the bestselling book about families who have overcome extraordinary challenges through love, empathy, and understanding. Film critic Dean Rogers talked to director Rachel Dretzin and Andrew Solomon, author of Far From the Tree: Parents, Children and the Search for Identity.

Dean Rogers: What do you hope the audience will take away from this movie?

Andrew Solomon: I hope the audience will come away from this movie with a greater tolerance, love and understanding of people who are different and who are disabled; I hope they will come away in this era of political unkindness with a sense of the value of compassion for people who are different or people who feel that they are in some way at the margins; and I hope they’ll come away with the sense that diversity itself is an unbelievably important value and that having a diversity of people in society, including many who people would think they should be cured or fixed that the diversity of society is inherently valuable and inherently strengthens us. I hope they take a message from the civil rights movement, from the gay rights movement, from all these other movements that people have inherent dignity, even when they are visibly very different from us.

(To read the full interview, please visit The Rogers Revue.)